Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moving Day

Moving day is upon us. I really hate moving. Due to our current finnantial situation we thought that it would be smart to find something cheaper. So we are leaving our yellow house that I luv and moving into a smaller more economical duplex up the road. I have been kinda packing, and sorting. I am not getting rid of any FABRIC !!!! Now for the next couple of days I will be absent from the blogging world. Hahaha its not like I've been real present lately anyways. I have something really big planned for the next couple of months tho, so be ready :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Dress and Design

This is my latest and I think  its my favorite. Its not done yet, it just needs a bow. Its for a client . She needs it for a photo shoot. I know it might seem silly for me to get excited about this, but it makes me smile just to think of my dress in a photo shoot. This design is a little more authentic to the whole rockabilly/1950's style. I love it!!! Look for soon in the shop.

there is still more to come!

I promised more and here it is. This dress is more of a cute little sundress, still totally vintage inspired. Its not quite as spunky as my other dresses. I love the fabric. It was on clearance last year at Walmart for $0.60 a yard. AWESOME!!! I wish that I would have bought more, but back then I had no idea that I would be opening an Etsy shop.

The bodice needs some tweaking. It comes up a little higher than the others and its got a small gather in the front.

And of course a twirly shot.

Well what do you think?