Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am Back

So we are all moved in.Well kinda. There are a few boxes that I am not quite sure where they are going to go. Its been a busy couple of weeks. We were with out phone, Internet, and satellite TV for over a week. I mean really whats a girl to do. I think I watched The Pumpkin's Backyardigan DVDs over a 100 times... OK not really, but it was alot.

I also have some news for you all. I am preggers. Its not the greatest news. We are so broke right now but we'll make it work. You guys can help. I plan on making a ton of baby stuff and I need tutorials and ideas. I plan on doing a huge thing on baby tutes and projects. Some by me and hopefully a little showcase of some other really good ones.
So if anyone has/knows of any kick ass baby tutorials and project ideas please let me know.