Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sew Liberated Book GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sew Liberated Book GIVEAWAY!!!!

Fa La la la la !!!

I finally finished her dress. I started this thing in November. I had to make a pattern, test it, tweak it, then do a practice run at it so I would ruin the pretty fabric. The fabric by the way is burgundy taffeta originally meant for curtains or home decor, but I don’t follow the rules on stuff like that. It was on sale for $5.50 a yard and I only needed one yard. I used gold satin ribbon for the trim and I sewed in an invisible zipper in the back, but I wont be showing you all that because I totally did a bad job. Whipstitch has an awesome tute on how to do one. For the most part I like how it turned out and please pay no attention to the bottom of my tree. I have no tree skirt and the kid’s mess with the bottom, so I covered it up in hoping they would leave it alone.

Nativity Craft

This was one of the cutest Christmas crafts I've done. It was also 2 lessons in one- a great lesson on shapes and The greatest story ever told.

To make this you'll need -

construction paper or craft paper

popsicle sticks


and cardstock paper (I used construction paper but I recommend using cardstock for stability)

Then you cut out 1 small triangle for Mary, a larger one for Joseph, rectangles for the 3 kings, circles for heads, smaller rectangles and octagons for the "gifts", triangles for the star, crowns, a trapezoid for baby Jesus’ crib (that’s what the kiddos were calling it), and a half circle for baby Jesus. Then arrange it to look like a nativity scene.

Once the shapes are glued down, glue on the popsicle sticks and you're done!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial

It's here. After a few weeks of procrastinating and Christmas shopping, I finally managed to get this posted. This should fit a 2t-4t, but you might have to adjust measurements for the 2t. So here we go.

1st gather your materials

1 fat quarter

about a half a yard of coordinating fabric for waist and and trim pieces or another fat quarter

1 inch wide elastic

Because my camera got the swine flu and only seems to wanna work when all of the lights are off, there are few illustration and they're made my Microsoft paint.

OK now you cut your fabric. A fat quarter is usually about 21-22 inches that will be the width of the skirt. Now cut your fabric like this.

Now with right sides of the fabric together, sew the waist pieces, the skirt, and the ruffle together. Either serge or use a tight zigzag, the raw edges and press your seams.

Next, using your favorite form of gathering, gather the skirt to the width of the waist and the ruffle to the width of the skirt.
Then sew them all together and serge or zigzag edges and press seams. Now with right sides together sew the side of the skirt and once again serge or zigzag edges along with the top of the waist.

Next fold the waist piece in half, press it down and then top stitch leaving an opening large enough for the casing.

For the elastic casing your want to use a piece about 21-22 inches long depending on your child. I have a tubby toddler with a belly. She likes to wear things below it so sometimes I need a snugger fit. OK, now attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and feed it through. Sew elastic together, top stitch the opening closed and lets hem the bottom.

The bottom of the skirt can be done whatever way you like it. You can hem it, serge it, lettuce edge it, whatever you like. Then you're done!!!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Once I get a new camera I'll update the tute. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I won !!!

I've entered tons of give aways and I never even thought that I would win. This time I did and its from my favorite blog Vegbee's  Blueprints. I helped her name her latest pattern the "Birdie Britches". How exciting. I won a pattern from her Etsy shop. I think that I'll pick the "Birdie Britches". My tubby 2 year old is months out of the highest size the pants go to (24 months) but its a cute pattern. I also know plenty of little ones I can sew for, and maybe one day I'll have another pumpkin of my own. If you haven't already checked out her blog you should.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Step Photo Vinyl Wall Art $50 Gift Card GUEST GIVEAWAY

First Step Photo Vinyl Wall Art $50 Gift Card GUEST GIVEAWAY

My last Fair Weather Jacket

I hope this is the last one of these for a while. This one is her winter Fair Weather "Coat". There's 3 layers. Cord for the shell, and fleece between that and the flannel lining. It wasn't very hard, I just cut the fleece about an inch shorter all the way around and used the iron on kind. Its pretty warm too.

I love Vintage Fabric

During the summer I got an awesome supply of vintage plaid fabric. Oh, how If dreaded cuting into it. I was fearful that I would  messed up. So I kept it simple, and did not cut a thing. I sewed it into a tube hemed the bottom and gathered the top, them attached it to a bodice. TA DA!!! I call this the "Play Date Dress", hopefully soon I'll make enough to sale in my own store. The problem is that everything I make, I dont want to part with. I'd rather keep it for my pumpkin.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My first store bought pattern

I know that it’s been ages since I've posted. It’s been a busy month in day care. We had a pig funk scare (H1N1, aka Swine Flu), and I’m so sick of hearing about it. Every one of the parents of the kids I care for was scared and worried and that was all any one talked about. In all the stupid mass hysteria of the last month or so I managed to whip out this little dress. It was the fist time I used a pattern that wasn't free off the internet, someone’s tute, home made or created by Vegbee. It's Simplicity 5478 and totally vintage, just my style. I'm not a fan of the yucky, brown, flimsy paper in the store bought patterns for the very reasons that I've just stated. It turned out ok. There was a little tweeking here and there. The collar was a bit tight. This was also the first time that I sewed in a zipper. It wasn't as hard as I thought and it was a hell of a lot easier than buttonholes.

I love the color combo of navy and red like on the Yes Man Jacket, also created by Vegbee. I have no clue what she doing in the picture.

I know that I promised a tute on the fat quarter skirt. I think my camera got the pig funk cause its not working right. As soon as I can address this issue there will be a tute on the skirt and maybe a give away.