Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lil Red Retro Dress

So the other day I got this idea to make the pumpkin a little hipster/retro dress. So I got out my A-line dress pattern, shortened it and took away some of the "A". I didn't think that it would turn out ok; it was more like I’ll try it and if I like it I'll make it again. I didn't serge and I barely ironed the seams. Now I wish I would have constructed the dress better because it turned out really cute. What do you think?

I even did her hair and got her "church" shoes out just to take her picture. She wanted to stand on the chair for the pictures. I have no clue why.


The collar needs to be modified a bit as well as the sleeves. This dress will be in my Etsy shop, which, I hope, will be open by the end of this month.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pretty Pink Birdie Britches - say that 10 times fast

I won a free pattern from Vegbee. I helped her name one of her new patterns the Birdie Britches. I made these hot pink corduroy pants as a birthday present for one of the kiddos that I watch. This little peanut (that’s what we call her) has such a hard time fitting into her pants. 24-month pants are long enough but the waist is too big and 18-month pants are too short but the waist is just right. So when I won the pattern I told her mom that I would make her some pants that fit right for her birthday.

Here's a close up of the pocket. I really wanted to use a differant color for the pocket, but I figured keep it simple so that they can cordinate with her other clothes. I just added ribbon loop.

The best part about these cute little britches is that they only cost me 99 cents to make. I got the hot pink cord from Goodwill for $.99.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick and Easy Cowl Neck Sweater Dress Tutorial

I've been playing with cowl necks lately. Some of my attempts were a complete disaster while others were not so bad. This one how ever was the easiest of all. I used a thrift store turtleneck sweater and I'm gona share with you how make this quick and easy cowl neck sweater dress.

First you will need to gather your supplies-

A turtle neck sweater the bigger the better

A t-shirt that fits loosely on your pumpkin

and regular sewing supplies

Now lay out the sweater, then lay the t-shirt on top of the sweater making sure that the neck of the t-shirt is lined up as close as you can with the neck of the sweater. You don’t want to cut these seems off, that makes for less sewing. Trace around the t-shirt and add a slight A line shape, like this

Now remove the t-shirt and cut. You should have something like this.

Next, with right sides of the fabric together, sew.

Turn the dress right side out, hem the sleeves and you are done. Quick and easy!!

*Note* My pumpkin wears about a 4t, so my guess is the dress works best up to this size.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a nice new year. We did. My husbands family came up to visit and we all went out and had a great time. Well, I just relized that I haven't done a Your Baby Can Read update. About a month ago we started the next set of YBCR cards, book and DVD. Due to the holiday we kinda slacked off a little but now we are back in the full swing of things. The kids seem to like it and they're learning the new words. My only problem withYBCR is that the DVD's dont seem to keep the kiddos intersted very long. After about a week or so the kids dont care for  the movie. I still do the word cards and books with them, but not all of the words are on the cards. I  wonder if anyone out there has any suggestions?