Friday, January 15, 2010

Pretty Pink Birdie Britches - say that 10 times fast

I won a free pattern from Vegbee. I helped her name one of her new patterns the Birdie Britches. I made these hot pink corduroy pants as a birthday present for one of the kiddos that I watch. This little peanut (that’s what we call her) has such a hard time fitting into her pants. 24-month pants are long enough but the waist is too big and 18-month pants are too short but the waist is just right. So when I won the pattern I told her mom that I would make her some pants that fit right for her birthday.

Here's a close up of the pocket. I really wanted to use a differant color for the pocket, but I figured keep it simple so that they can cordinate with her other clothes. I just added ribbon loop.

The best part about these cute little britches is that they only cost me 99 cents to make. I got the hot pink cord from Goodwill for $.99.