Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick and Easy Cowl Neck Sweater Dress Tutorial

I've been playing with cowl necks lately. Some of my attempts were a complete disaster while others were not so bad. This one how ever was the easiest of all. I used a thrift store turtleneck sweater and I'm gona share with you how make this quick and easy cowl neck sweater dress.

First you will need to gather your supplies-

A turtle neck sweater the bigger the better

A t-shirt that fits loosely on your pumpkin

and regular sewing supplies

Now lay out the sweater, then lay the t-shirt on top of the sweater making sure that the neck of the t-shirt is lined up as close as you can with the neck of the sweater. You don’t want to cut these seems off, that makes for less sewing. Trace around the t-shirt and add a slight A line shape, like this

Now remove the t-shirt and cut. You should have something like this.

Next, with right sides of the fabric together, sew.

Turn the dress right side out, hem the sleeves and you are done. Quick and easy!!

*Note* My pumpkin wears about a 4t, so my guess is the dress works best up to this size.