Sunday, March 13, 2011

And The Winner Is .....

I would normally be very upset that only 3 people entered my give away, but it actually made it easier to to pick a winner. I didn't have to use because.... All 3 that entered are the winners.
Zombie Queen, Michelle who is also my sister-in-law, and Lindsay!!!!
I just thought that with only 3 entries I can make 3 dresses, plus Michelle, we're family you can get a dress when ever you want one.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It All Started with a Dress Give Away - CLOSED

One year ago on March 13th I opened my shop. A year before that I made my first dress for the Pumpkin that are like the ones I sale in the shop. So to celebrate the shops year anniversary I am doing a give away. The winner will get one dress like one one pictured. To enter leave a comment and make sure that there is a way to reach, from now on to the 13th of March.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All About the Boy

Is my timing awesome or what!!! Dana over at Made and Rea at Made my Rea are celebrating the boy this month. Check it out!

The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had to Do

Most women get pregnant, go nine months, go to the hospital, have their baby, and at the end, mama, daddy and baby go home.... right?
Well you can't and shouldn't always plan for things to go that way because sometimes they don't. As you all may know I had some crazy blood pressure problems. One visit my blood pressure would be normal and the next it would be high. My doc didn't like what he was seeing so he decided to induce. Most of the time they use cervidil to soften the cervix to get it ready for labor and once you've dilated they start patosin.
I wasn't so lucky, right. They did to rounds of  cervadil.The first one was put in wrong, not fun. The second one gave me rather intense contractions for about 8 hours, but in the end I did NOT dilate at all.
The doc gave me 2 options- try the cervidil again or have a c section.
I did not want to punk out and have a c section. I don't really care for c sections unless mother or baby is in danger. There was no guarantee that the cervidil. would work again and I really didn't want to go through another 8 hours of "fake" labor if I wasn't even going to dilate. Not only that, people took off of work for this event, and like my loving wonderful husband said, I should be sick of people coming in and poking me. He did not use those words, but if you have had a baby before you know that you get checked... a lot. That's what he meant by "poking". So, sadly a chose to have a c section.
Ok, now this next part, although hard to see and understand at the time, only happened this way by the grace of God.
Went into the operating room, had the damn c section, the umbilical cord was wrapped tight around by babies neck, they cut it and off to the NICU with daddy he went. Turns out, he also swallowed a bunch of fluid and his lungs were a little under developed. Now I bet you are saying, "how terrible is that, where was God". Well after what I've been told and what I have read, there are many risks to having the cord around the babies neck. I know that it happens. Some of you might have had a baby with the cord wrapped around their neck. The negative effects are enough for me. Not only that, but my health was in danger. Then to make it worst, I had to leave him at the hospital when I was discharged. For the 1st couple of days he was there I couldn't even hold him. Isn't that terrible. No mother should have to sit in the hospital after having her baby and not even get to hold him.
It was a very long ordeal, but after all was said and done my baby boy came home on Thursday, February 10th the day before his due date. He just needed a little extra time to "cook" because he wasn't quite ready yet. He was 7lbs 5 oz and 19 in.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Change Of Plans

So due to a sudden jump in my blood pressure and the fact that my doc thinks that this little one will be a big boy, i will be putting off the rest of the baby posts for about a week or so. I had originally thought that I had at least 2 more weeks but it turns out, I have 3 days before I welcome my son into the world. So, that also means that I'll have a baby boy to model all of the cute projects that I make.
See you soon !!! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Boy Stuff

I have been looking for shops that feature a wide variety of little boy clothing and accessories.
Here is what I found.

We all have seen or even made a onsie or t shirt with an appliqued tie or bow tie on it. These cute little guys over at stitchesbyrachel go a step further an add a corduroy vest. I love it!

I love graphic t's and I love Micheal Scott from The Office. You can grab this one and many others like it at VicariousClothing

This is probably one of the best/easiest pants pattern I have ever used. I won this pattern in a give away Vegbee had. In fact I helped name the pattern.

Hats always look great on little boys. I am not a fan of the knitted or crochet ones- too itchy. So these ones at pink2blue are perfect. There is also a variety of little shoes too.

I love all of SeamsByGwenny 's bumper sets. They are not the conventional cutesie baby sets. They are very bold and colorful.

I love this. Its very "boy". You can see this and more at boujiandnouna.

See this one at creations4babies.

And this stuff is my favorite. I found this shop, RockerByeBaby on Etsy, and all of this stuff ROCKS. There is much more than just bumpers. There are blankets and accessories and more.

I am sure there is much more out there. If you have a shop or know of any other kick ass boy stuff send me a link and I will feature it on here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where's all of the Boy Stuff!!!

So this up coming weekend my sister in law is throwing me a baby shower. Of course I was excited, not because of all of the gifts, I was excited to go and register for gifts. I love going to register for gifts. I have no clue why. They give you a scanner gun type thingy and you get to go and scan all of the things you think that you need. Its actually more of a want.
So naturally I scanned the basics. Bottles (even though I plan on breast feeding ), infant tub, diapers, blankets, burp clothes, you know all that stuff that we need. Then it was time for the stuff that I want!!! I love those little bumbo seats, so i scanned one of them, an electric aspirator, and a boppy. Then I went to look for a crib set because I decided that I am not in the mood to make one my self. That another one of those prego things. You think you can do all of this stuff, but when it comes down to it, you really either don't have the time or energy or you just don't give a "you know" enough. Ok, so back to the crib set. There were cute little teddy bears, and monkeys, fuzzy little farm animals, some puppies, and then I said wait!!! Little boys don't do cute. They are boys!!! I had a little brother and I have watched  many other little boys . Boys play in the mud. They bring their mom bugs and stuff. They terrorize their sisters. They like to through things!!!!
There was nothing that said " a real little boy sleeps here". There were no cars and tractors, no footballs, airplanes and trucks, no bugs, nothing.
So I am on a mission find some real boy stuff.
Come back later to see what I have found.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am Back

Alright, so I know that its been awhile. Between moving 3 times now and just the basic everyday complications of being prego, its been a little hard to maintain my blog. I am sorry and I am ready to get blogging!!!