Monday, January 17, 2011

Boy Stuff

I have been looking for shops that feature a wide variety of little boy clothing and accessories.
Here is what I found.

We all have seen or even made a onsie or t shirt with an appliqued tie or bow tie on it. These cute little guys over at stitchesbyrachel go a step further an add a corduroy vest. I love it!

I love graphic t's and I love Micheal Scott from The Office. You can grab this one and many others like it at VicariousClothing

This is probably one of the best/easiest pants pattern I have ever used. I won this pattern in a give away Vegbee had. In fact I helped name the pattern.

Hats always look great on little boys. I am not a fan of the knitted or crochet ones- too itchy. So these ones at pink2blue are perfect. There is also a variety of little shoes too.

I love all of SeamsByGwenny 's bumper sets. They are not the conventional cutesie baby sets. They are very bold and colorful.

I love this. Its very "boy". You can see this and more at boujiandnouna.

See this one at creations4babies.

And this stuff is my favorite. I found this shop, RockerByeBaby on Etsy, and all of this stuff ROCKS. There is much more than just bumpers. There are blankets and accessories and more.

I am sure there is much more out there. If you have a shop or know of any other kick ass boy stuff send me a link and I will feature it on here.


loll said...

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heather harriman said...

You’re welcome:)
I haven’t blogged in so long. I need to get back at this