Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tulle Tulle Tulle!!!

I've recently found a new love for tulle. I normally don't really care for things that are girly and frilly and... just girly. So naturally tulle fit into that category. Pumpkins style is kinda punky-cute and a little different. I pride myself on knowing that know one eles has the same clothes as my daughters. Its odd that I don't like girly yet Pumpkin's always in a dress, Hmmmmm.
Well when I came across this cute little number on Blueprints , who was inspired by Made , who was inspired by The Pink Picket Fence, ( whew, there I've covered everyone) I just new that Pumpkin and her BFF Banana would soon be the new owners of a tulle poofy skirt.

Each skirt is a 3 tiered skirt. The Pumpkin's is orange with white tulle and the Banana's is made with 2 differnt shades of pink fabric with white tulle on the darker pink, and pink tulle on the lighter pink. I also posted these on Crafster .


I absolutely love swing dresses from the 1940's and 50's and because I never seem to make anything for myself, I decided that my Pumpkin would get her own "Rockababy" dress. Its a simple circle skirt attached to a halter top with a shirred back. This one is her sailor dress that she wore for the 4th of July. It screams Rockabilly swing.

This pink cheetah print one has to be my favorite. The fabric is the Cheetah Girls fabric that I got for 50% off. Then I added 8 yards of ribbon to the bottom to give it the ruffly look.
Isn't the bandana on her head too cute.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You might be wondering why the name purple pocket. I am a working stay at home mom... I do in home day care. With little ones around, I am constantly picking up things like binkys, hair clips, match box cars that I accidentally stepped on ( ouch), and sticking them in my pockets. When we leave the house to go on a walk to the little store on the corner, or a stroll to the play ground, every thing that we might need ends up in my pocket. That would be change for a Popsicles, a mini tube of sunblock, pacifier, and my phone. So, when I was thrilled at the idea of creating my own blog, why not call my pocket. Every thing I find through out the day ends up in there and everything I need does too.