Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tulle Tulle Tulle!!!

I've recently found a new love for tulle. I normally don't really care for things that are girly and frilly and... just girly. So naturally tulle fit into that category. Pumpkins style is kinda punky-cute and a little different. I pride myself on knowing that know one eles has the same clothes as my daughters. Its odd that I don't like girly yet Pumpkin's always in a dress, Hmmmmm.
Well when I came across this cute little number on Blueprints , who was inspired by Made , who was inspired by The Pink Picket Fence, ( whew, there I've covered everyone) I just new that Pumpkin and her BFF Banana would soon be the new owners of a tulle poofy skirt.

Each skirt is a 3 tiered skirt. The Pumpkin's is orange with white tulle and the Banana's is made with 2 differnt shades of pink fabric with white tulle on the darker pink, and pink tulle on the lighter pink. I also posted these on Crafster .


Grace said...

sooo cute! and thanks for those great links!

vikingmom said...

your welcome, I'm just happy someone other than my mom read my blog. LOL