Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had to Do

Most women get pregnant, go nine months, go to the hospital, have their baby, and at the end, mama, daddy and baby go home.... right?
Well you can't and shouldn't always plan for things to go that way because sometimes they don't. As you all may know I had some crazy blood pressure problems. One visit my blood pressure would be normal and the next it would be high. My doc didn't like what he was seeing so he decided to induce. Most of the time they use cervidil to soften the cervix to get it ready for labor and once you've dilated they start patosin.
I wasn't so lucky, right. They did to rounds of  cervadil.The first one was put in wrong, not fun. The second one gave me rather intense contractions for about 8 hours, but in the end I did NOT dilate at all.
The doc gave me 2 options- try the cervidil again or have a c section.
I did not want to punk out and have a c section. I don't really care for c sections unless mother or baby is in danger. There was no guarantee that the cervidil. would work again and I really didn't want to go through another 8 hours of "fake" labor if I wasn't even going to dilate. Not only that, people took off of work for this event, and like my loving wonderful husband said, I should be sick of people coming in and poking me. He did not use those words, but if you have had a baby before you know that you get checked... a lot. That's what he meant by "poking". So, sadly a chose to have a c section.
Ok, now this next part, although hard to see and understand at the time, only happened this way by the grace of God.
Went into the operating room, had the damn c section, the umbilical cord was wrapped tight around by babies neck, they cut it and off to the NICU with daddy he went. Turns out, he also swallowed a bunch of fluid and his lungs were a little under developed. Now I bet you are saying, "how terrible is that, where was God". Well after what I've been told and what I have read, there are many risks to having the cord around the babies neck. I know that it happens. Some of you might have had a baby with the cord wrapped around their neck. The negative effects are enough for me. Not only that, but my health was in danger. Then to make it worst, I had to leave him at the hospital when I was discharged. For the 1st couple of days he was there I couldn't even hold him. Isn't that terrible. No mother should have to sit in the hospital after having her baby and not even get to hold him.
It was a very long ordeal, but after all was said and done my baby boy came home on Thursday, February 10th the day before his due date. He just needed a little extra time to "cook" because he wasn't quite ready yet. He was 7lbs 5 oz and 19 in.


Zombie Queen said...

Congratulations! Regardless, how your little guy arrived (c-section or natural), its wonderful that he is home and healthy :)

I had a similar experience with my son. they tried to induce me with no luck, I was in labor for almost 3 days. They noticed my son's vitals begin to drop so they had to do an emergency c-section. His cord had been pinched. He had to spend some time in NICU, hooked up to a bunch of machines. He couldn't pee, breathe or eat on his own. It was absolutely heartbreaking. But, eventually he came home. and 6 years later he is a happy, healthy boy!

Lindsay said...

I actually came to this post after commenting on your giveaway post, because I'm an idiot and wrote that I'd been wanting the dress for "over a year" when I meant to type "just under a year" and I look like a tool, and there's no way to edit it, but I didn't want to post another comment and screw up your giveaway. Sigh.

But then I saw this and CONGRATS!!!
A wise woman told me, the thing you want to bring home is a baby, not an award [for how you did it]. It helped me come to peace with having the epidural after putting up with 30 hours of labor trying to go all natural.

So, congrats, you brought home a baby (finally :-D) and he's adorable. I hope you're surviving these first days and enjoying and taking pictures like crazy :)