Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Croc Upgrade

Her 1st of 2 pairs of new Crocs arrived in the mail today.

They are extremely cute and there is plenty of growing room. I love them. But, because these will be mainly the only shoes she wears in the sticky summer months I thought an upgrade was needed. Don’t get me wrong these are just fine as they are, but there's nothing wrong with a little dazzle.

The Upgrade
First you will need to gather your supplies. shoes, velcro, ribbon, a hot glue gun, felt and anything crafty you might have lying around.

Second- you are going to need to cut your felt to size. There really isn't a right way to do this. It’s all trial and error. So you do that until you get something like this. * A great tip is to do one and use the 1st one as a template for the other shoe, just remember to flip it over when you go to the next step.

Next you will need to cut 4 strips of ribbon about 2 inches long. You'll need ribbon that’s wide enough to attach your velcro to. After you've cut your ribbon, glue one to each of the "y" ends like this.

Now you need to attach the velcro.

Here's the fun part, decorating !!!

Pom Pom's

Fabric Flowers
These tie on with ribbon insted of velcro.
The posiblities are endless. I'm gonna get some silk flowers and some fake jewels for a blinged out Croc.


CreativeMama said...

Nice work, I love embellishing sandals as well. Afterall all those tiny tots footwear look similar and almost of same size, she finds it easier to identify her's using embellishment..

vikingmom said...

she hasnt been able to wear them yet because the weather has been so bad.