Sunday, August 29, 2010

Times They Are a Changing

Well I know that I promised a bunch of fun baby tutes. Don't worry that is still on. This baby has made life a little difficult. Morning sickness is not fun. There was no morning sickness with the Pumpkin, just horrible heartburn.
Now I am finally feeling better and its just in time for us to move... again. We are moving back to my home town of Las Vegas. With the new baby coming, along with new problems and complications, we think that it would better for us to be back in Vegas. So as soon as I get back I will put up the first of many tutes and baby project ideas.


mary isom said...

Hi young lady., You may not remember me, but I introduced your dad and mom/ Gail, is my Sorority Sister Delta Sigma Theta, and Charles Garrett and Family were my very best friends in Louisville and also where i stay. We sang together, prayerd together and had just good fun in general. I sort of wish I had left then. I have two, and no husband, but as you are expecting your second, this is old hat. Congratulations and we wish you the best of luck. God bless.