Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Your Baby can read update

Well after almost 2 1/2 weeks of the starter DVD we have moved on to DVD #1. The kids know nearly all of the words in the starter one with the exception of maybe 2-3 words. They just wouldn't sit and watch it any more. I figured it must be because they've grown tired of it and need more stimulation. Ta Da ! I was right as soon as I put the new one on they all sat still and watched. You could almost hear the synapses firing off in their little heads. It's amazing, but yet it makes me wonder, if something so simple as showing babies and toddlers words followed by a picture can teach them to read, why isn't this something that is encouraged more in daycare centers ? Maybe its those doubting parents that only believe that the kids aren't really reading but simply remembering what the word looks like, or the ones who think that there's no way that a 6 month old knows what an elephant is. Now stop and think about this, us as adults aren't really reading half of the words we know. There's tons of sight words that we know because we've remembered, sense we were children, what the word looks like. Hello that's why they're called sight words and what is so bad about my toddler learner sight words when she's two. Just think how much more she'll learn when she's 5 and in kindergarten. This is a subject that I'd love to elaborate more on but the pumpkin is nagging at my side wanting to go to sleep. YES she lets me know when she's ready for bed.