Sunday, August 30, 2009


In July the pumpkin and I went to visit my grandmother in Louisville Kentucky. My mom even flew in from Las Vegas to visit. Now I'm finally posting pictures of the vacation. She enjoyed tearing up her great grandmothers house. Of course she let her do and my grandma just laughed in joy. I got to see the church my mom grew up in and it's also the place my great grandfather was a minister at. It was amazing to me to be in a place that was full of so much of my families history. We went to the Louisville Zoo while we where there. The pumpkin loved all of the animals. When we where at the lemur habitat she sang "the move it, move it" song from Madagascar. Her favorite was the monkeys, but I think that all of the children like the monkeys.

She felt so grown up on the plane. The flight attendant gave pumpkin her own juice in one of those small plastic clear cups. She would even set it in the cup holder on the tray table.

Here she is tearing up great grandmas living room. She has or shall I say had the kind of living room that you walk by but don't sit in. That kind of space does not exist to the pumpkin.

She loved the zoo. It was something to see. Just about everything there grabbed her attention. That quite a feat. My daughters attention span is about as long as her pinky finger.

EWW! yuk here's a bad picture of mama and the pumpkin. ALL pictures of me are bad.