Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Green Pretend Food

I am constantly seeing tutes on how to make that cute felt food. I am also saying to myself that I should make some. Why not? I run an in home daycare and the kids would love it. Between the massive stack of started and not yet started sewing projects, and the fact that my life can be some what busy at times, I just have not gotten around to making some yet. Not to mention that I've been to Hancock's about a billion and one times, walked right on past the felt, and did not even think to buy some. So, what I do have is garbage and green play food takes very little time.

Your basic pretend juice and milk. Iwrote "Pretend Milk" on the milk because some one would think that it was real.

Some take out. I thought that the take out was awesome but the kids just called it a bucket and tried to open it.

Making green play food is very simple.
1st find or just wait until some one finished the milk or juice, make sure that you clean the container out really good. Just take my word on this.

2nd add water, you should fill it about a quarter to half way with water. Remember that children will be playing with these and you don't want their little piggies to get hurt when they accidentally drop it.

3rd add color, for apple juice you use about 2-3 drops of yellow and about 1 drop of red. If it looks like some one went to the bath room in it just adjust your color combo.
For milk I just added some white paint, and for any other kind of juice just play around with the color combo until you get the shade you were looking for. If you are making orange juice I suggest you use paint for a more authentic look.

4th glue your lid on with supper glue or a hot glue gun like I did.

Pretend juice isn't the only thing you can make. You can use cereal boxes, pasta boxes or any food box. You can use junk mail, news paper and plastic grocery bags to stuff the boxes so they wont get too smooshed. Then tape the box shut on box ends with some packing tape. I save the empty spice bottles and fill them with a little rice and glue the lid shut. It makes it feel a little more real to our little ones when they get to play with something that looks like the real deal. Not only that, its a great way the recycle and reuse what is basically garbage.

This is some of our loved and gently used pretend food, and when they get too beat up, I just stick them in the recycling bin and wait for some more trash.