Tuesday, September 29, 2009

End of the Season

Labor Day weekend usually ends the summer and opens another chapter in the crazy seasons that we have up "nort" here. Yes, I said nort, its a Wisconsin thing I guess. Well this year someone forgot to tell mother nature that. September is usually a month of dusting off the plastic tubs full of jackets and coats, along with mittens and scarfs, raking up leaves and preparing for the long cold winter to come. I usually have a plethora of fall crafts planned for the kidos, that coincided with many walks through the leaves and running through the fall wind. Not so much this year. The leaves changed yet the heat stayed, and the bugs were bad. Sure it was nice at the county fair, that is also Labor Day weekend. It was four days of cotton candy, livestock and deep fat fried cheese curds, YUMMY!!! I grew up in Las Vegas, NV where there are 2 seasons. Hot as Hell and kinda cool. The changing of the seasons is something of beauty to me and I guess I'm just excited to see it.

The county fair. Pumpkin called it the "fairy".
She was so excited to ride the train, until she realized that I wasn't with her. Of course she cried until I sat on the train with her. The pumpkins favorite thing had to be the animals. There was a petting zoo with camels and ponies, they even had a lemur. In the tent of champions there was pigs, sheep, goats, and a cow. Pumpkin even got to pet the pigs. As for the cow...
she wasn't too sure about that.