Monday, May 31, 2010

Looking for Inspiration

I know that I have been absent from the blogging world. We have run into a snag. You all know that I do in home day care, well the 2 boys that I watch just kinda up and left. Ok , well not really. They were going to be leaving in September when the oldest one started preschool. The preschool that they are going to have 2 openings for them now, so their mom decided to enroll them now. Its kinda put a snag in all of my plans. I planned on doing a give away last month, and posting pictures of our new garden, starting a whole new "line" in the shop, as well as making a whole ton of dresses for a consignment shop in Texas. Its just been so hard to focus when you don't know where the money you so desperately need, is going to come from. Not only that my focus has been on trying to  find more kids to watch.

There has been very little activity in the shop aside from custom orders. I was in the punk baby swap on craftster, and that was hard. I need some drive, some inspiration, or something to get me out of this funk. Sorry to all of my followers... all 17 of you!!! I love you all.

Maybe a give away or a contest is what I need. Some busy work would be good.


Zombie Queen said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am a HUGE fan of all the cute things you make and its so nice of you compliment mine (I'm a total noob at sewing). I got the fabric at Joann. They had a bunch of Day of the Dead and other skully fabric :)

I would LOVE a chance to win something from your blog!

I was thinking of hosting a giveaway, too.

Viki Vintage said...

hi (again)
sorry to hear about the little ones leaving (fingers crossed you are busy soon).
Do you sell on Etsy or Folksy (uk version?) I've also noticed lots of crafty moms selling via Facebook as well. You have a lovely blog and the dresses are gorgeous (so is your little girl )

vikingmom said...

Zombie- I went to JoAnns last weekend and if I wasn't so broke I would have stocked up on some day of the day fabric. thanx for letting me know. Its better than buying it online where is gona cost lots.

I never thought about selling on the Etsy or folksy uk version. I do planon selling my womens clothing on Facebook by the end of the year.