Thursday, May 6, 2010

Outside Fun : Picking Flowers

I normally do not let the children pick the flowers in the back yard. I have daffodils and tulips, along with some lilies. Lucky for them my yard has been taken over by dandelions. I don’t know why this simple past time of collecting a little yellow flower by the bunch, has small children so entertained. I see the kiddos’ walking by with fist full’s of flowers. The girls put them in their hair. Everyday the Pumpkin brings me a flower, which by the way absolutely warms my heart. Then she tells me to smell and she does too and says that it smells so beautiful. They "plant" them in their gardens. They even put them in little rows in the planter area.

My favorite thing they did with the flowers.

"Hanging Gardens"

Who would have thought that picking dandelions would provide hours of fun, free, entertainment.