Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where's all of the Boy Stuff!!!

So this up coming weekend my sister in law is throwing me a baby shower. Of course I was excited, not because of all of the gifts, I was excited to go and register for gifts. I love going to register for gifts. I have no clue why. They give you a scanner gun type thingy and you get to go and scan all of the things you think that you need. Its actually more of a want.
So naturally I scanned the basics. Bottles (even though I plan on breast feeding ), infant tub, diapers, blankets, burp clothes, you know all that stuff that we need. Then it was time for the stuff that I want!!! I love those little bumbo seats, so i scanned one of them, an electric aspirator, and a boppy. Then I went to look for a crib set because I decided that I am not in the mood to make one my self. That another one of those prego things. You think you can do all of this stuff, but when it comes down to it, you really either don't have the time or energy or you just don't give a "you know" enough. Ok, so back to the crib set. There were cute little teddy bears, and monkeys, fuzzy little farm animals, some puppies, and then I said wait!!! Little boys don't do cute. They are boys!!! I had a little brother and I have watched  many other little boys . Boys play in the mud. They bring their mom bugs and stuff. They terrorize their sisters. They like to through things!!!!
There was nothing that said " a real little boy sleeps here". There were no cars and tractors, no footballs, airplanes and trucks, no bugs, nothing.
So I am on a mission find some real boy stuff.
Come back later to see what I have found.